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Sir Val’s adventures – Complete Series
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The story of Sir Val’s adventures in COMICS

What you’ll find in Sir Val’s adventures comics’ story


-> Educational information about nature and about surviving skills

-> Feelings/ Attitude/ Values of the hero character

-> Introducing the actual LNP toy’s materials of Sir Val’s Miniature World

-> Plot of the story and the mystery which unfolds



 Educational information throughout the comic’s story:

  • Respect for nature, the forest provides resources – wise use, leaving the forest clean
  • The right spot for camping in the forest, safety
  • Necessary materials and design of survivor’s hut and bedding, useful knots, rope ladder
  • Backpack supplies, First aid kit and uses to treatment, taking care of health – calmness
  • Camping utensils, Fire, Dry wood for good fire, Cooking, Safety, Hatch and food storage
  • Orienteering from the surroundings, reading the map and the landmarks, compass, marking of the path
  • Water is essential for surviving, bamboo tree trunk, water collecting from the ricer and sterilization
  • Clay collecting by the river banks, creating a pot, baking the clay pot in the hot coal
  • Natural bridge to cross over
  • Natural edible foods, plants to avoid, Instinct as a survival guide
  • Chamomile collecting and making a beverage for preventing a cold
  • Pine cones predict rain, rain is essential for the earth, storm – thunder, rainbow, Names of clouds
  • Sounds of nature and sounds of animals
  • Animal tracks, different species, animal eating habits, food chain and energy passing, respect to animal life and small inhabitants, bees sting as defense, poisonous insects, firefly glow
  • Sense of danger, wild animals and reaction, beehive danger, smoke drives bees away
  • Environmental changes, plantation reduction, animal extinction – human causes
  • The miracle of newborn life
  • Scientific curiosity, reading books, the library as a source of information. Library rules of respect
  • Researching in the forest, knowledge in action, resourcefulness, DIY skills, hard work, observation, keeping calm, making plan, commitment to goal, passion, persistence, satisfaction
  • Letting imagination free, playing and having a good time, making the best out of a situation
  • Nature’s beauties, enjoying the beauty