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Wooden Toys natural LNP
lnp wooden tree puzzle

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Nature comes to your home
through LNP toys
A collection of nature-inspired toys make up our family of products. Following the Love Nature Play philosophy, our toys combine unique “treasure chests” for play! Children build narratives of their world, discover new and challenging structures and develop creativity, through imagination and senses!
Add a little bit of nature
to your kid’s playroom
Natural wood from tree pruning, various materials that we can find during a walk in the forest or the sea shore, processed in environmental friendly ways or non-processed at all, from packaging to each and every piece, our toys deliver a complete synthesis of earthly colors, textures and motives.
Play & feel the nature
All pieces are picked and crafted by hand, attaining the highest quality. Eco friendly methods, skilled hands, care of detail, love and passion, provide a safe playtime and longevity of the sets.
Every piece is unique
LNP’s Way
Free up your Imagination
Build with your Senses
Live the Adventure
Love Nature Play
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