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Wooden BlocksWoodblox 16pcs Pack

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Woodblox are an ideal set for boys and girls (age 36m+), offering a broad play value and playability to the kids and the family. Following the Waldorf & Montessori philosophy our toys contribute to the development of creativity, through imagination and senses, children can build narratives of their world, discover new and challenging structures and have piles of fun with friends and family.

All pieces, are handpicked and handcrafted, to ensure the highest quality that delivers a variety of earthly colors, textures and motives. Using olive, kermes oak, citrus and plane trees, that grow in the west regions of Greece, each piece is solid wood, sanded to smoothness, boiled for sterilization and coated in an all-natural olive oil and beeswax, providing a safe playtime and longevity of the set.

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Ways to Play

Build your Narrative!


How high can you go!


High score!!


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 cm