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Sir Val’s World


Sir Val is a wildlife explorer with survival skills.


Sir Val is a scientist who loves nature and admires wildlife. He is dedicated to research, aiming to contribute to the protection and the future of nature. He travels constantly across the world to study environmental change on the ecosystems that wildlife depends on.

He finds amazing information and gains knowledge through reading – questioning – discovering. The library is a place of adventure for Sir Val as well, where he studies every book about surviving techniques and wildlife cases! At the time, Sir Val is building a shelter in the heart of nature, after discovering an old diary of a missing well known biologist…  Driven by his passion for valuable findings, Sir Val is now following the path of the diary’s notes and hints… Will all his wilderness survival techniques and skills help him achieve?

With this playset kids can explore nature by joining Sir Val with his intense curiosity and motivation to discover. They reenact the adventures of Sir Val, like build a weather protected shelter with natural materials, make comfortable bedding, find food and water, discover animal prints and more… Children understand that nature is a friendly and welcoming environment as long as you respect it.

Children can put their imagination into action and join the explorations and journeys of Sir Val, by assembling the hut, storing materials in the hatch, placing the tree observatory and the rest of the items on the ring and become part of both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills Sir Val needs for survival.

The set comes complete with Sir Val equipped with his knife, backpack and hat, a fire place, cooking tripod and pots, his observation tree with rope ladder, compass, a stone map, first aid kit, rope, hay mat and haystack, a burlap sleeping bag, a river stone, wooden blocks, wooden axe, wood pile storage device, …a diary!, a wooden ring base with a storage hatch and bird traces pyrography.

Love Nature Play figure philosophy: A side cut on top of the wooden block is the face. If you want, draw or paint facial features to add feelings to each character.

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Complementary World

Sir Val’s Adventure Gear

Preparation is vital for a safe adventure and Sir Val knows that well. Assemble along with Sir Val all the necessary tools before entering the next escapade.

26.00 €  19.50 €

Sir Val’s Camp Gear

Camping in nature is always exciting. Put together all the tools and pots to make the camp safe and fully equipped. Let the cooking begin!

26.00 €  19.50 €

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