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Rocky’s World


Rocky is a young boy growing in the primitive times.


Rocky is enthusiastic about the world around him as everyday can be a new exciting discovery and adventure. He gets easily distracted as everything can grab his attention and new treasure hunt always begins. That, as thrilling as it sounds, however always gets him into trouble…

With this playset kids can get into how humans interacted with nature in the primitive times and learn about the different roles and jobs each family member had in order to survive. They reenact the achievement of all early discoveries like first fire, food gathering, etc, and appreciate that through trial and error comes learning and evolving.

Children can put their imagination into action and join the adventure, set up Rocky’s world by placing the tree, the cave and the rest of the items on the ring and help Rocky complete his tasks and treasure hunting without getting into too much trouble.

The set comes complete with a cave and a stone-door, Rocky, his mum and dad dressed in a leather outfit primitive style, tool, bone, leather, wooden bat, tree branches, root & nuts, bee hive, a lizard nest, fire place, rock painting, a wooden ring base.

Love Nature Play figure philosophy: A side cut on top of the wooden block is the face. If you want, draw or paint facial features to add feelings to each character.

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Rocky and his mother find roots & nuts and gather the honey.

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Rocky and his father are out to hunt.

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