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Dakota & Cody


Dakota and his best friend Cody are off to new adventures!! Taking care of Cody, feeding him and grooming him is a very important task.

This set includes: Dakota in his leather outfit and feather, a bow, his horse with a leather saddle, hay, a feeder rack & tree branch on a wooden base.

This set is a MW Extension set of Dakota & Kai’s World:

Dakota & Kai’s World


Dakota & Kai are two young Plain Indians.

Set on a journey to discover their animal spirits, Dakota & Kai learn how to live in perfect harmony with nature. They develop techniques necessary for their wellbeing and survival, following the tradition of their ancestors. However, mastering all these skills and finding the spirit animal is not as easy as it sounds. Will they make it in time to join the tribe at the winter camp? Let’s join them in their adventures.

With this playset kids can get into how Plain Indians interacted with nature in their everyday life and learn about the different roles and jobs each tribe member had in order to survive.

Children can put their imagination into action and join the adventure, set up Dakota & Kai’s world by placing the tree branch, the teepee and the rest of the items on the ring and help them complete their tasks and adventures with respect and protection of the natural environment.

The set comes complete with Dakota & Kai in their leather outfits and feathers. Dakota is equipped with a Tomahawk for hunting. Teepee complete with piles and decorated leather cover, a decorative symbol shield, leather rug, fire place, cooking tripod and pot, bucket with corn, totem as wooden blocks puzzle, a tapping drum, a river stone, haystack, tree branch and a wooden ring base are included in the main playset. As complementary to the main set, Dakota comes with his bow and horse, a feeder rack and hay as well as a smaller tree to tie the horse. Kai goes fishing at the river, in her canoe, fully equipped with her ornate spear.

Love Nature Play figure philosophy: A side cut on top of the wooden block is the face. If you want, draw or paint facial features to add feelings to each character.

Kai: Willow tree / the girl. Dakota: Allies or friends / the boy

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Dakota & Kai's World - Full Set
teepe totem - τίπι τότεμ - ξύλινα παιχνίδια

How to build Dakota & Kai's World

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