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Mystical Tree & The magical Fairy Sparkle Sprinkle


Zoe is ready to gather the fairy sparkle sprinkle. She needs to solve the triangle riddle and ask Mr. Beaver to give her a ride and carry the pouch to the tree house.

This set includes: Zoe and Mr. Beaver with carriage bucket, tree branches, rope bridge, leather pouch, moss, sea shell, a wooden ladybug, mussel shell on sea stone & sparkle sand, the triangle riddle, a wooden ring base.

This set is a MW Extension set of Zoe & Chloe’s World:

Zoe & Chloe’s World


Zoe & Chloe are two joyful and active fairies.

Zoe & Chloe are both motivated and passionate environmentalists, who also value each other and their friendship. They live in the enchanted forest known as “Pixies Spring” and are the guardians of the Mystical Tree that produces the magical fairy sparkle sprinkle. Most of the day, Zoe & Chloe spend it at their tree house making their chores or play under their pine sunshade with their friends, the bees & the ladybugs. When they have free time, they like to spend it at the fairies’ playground.  Once a day they visit their friend Mr. Beaver at the Mystical Tree and collect the fairy sparkle sprinkle. They use it to heal all the animals, all the trees and flowers and all the land and rivers.

With this playset kids can appreciate nature’s miniature treasures, learning to have empathy for all creatures and the environment and discover how everything in nature works in perfect harmony and balance, as well as the importance to preserve, restore and protect our ecosystem.

Children can put their imagination into action and join Zoe & Chloe in their adventures and efforts to heal and protect nature.

The main set comes complete with Zoe & Chloe, the tree house, the magical ladder fence, a mailbox with bell, bee hive, wooden bee and ladybug, crystal water bubble and bucket, a broom, moss, a decorative leaf, path of wooden slices, a welcome door mat stone, a bridge and a wooden ring base.

Love Nature Play figure philosophy: A side cut on top of the wooden block is the face. If you want, draw or paint facial features to add feelings to each character.

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